Thursday, 22 December 2011

.Week Twelve at the School of Make Up.

I cannot believe how fast the make up went. Feels like only a week ago I was on my first train journey up to Stockport, when in fact i've now been there over three months! The last week of make up turned out to be the best! I had an absolutely brilliant time doing the shoots for portfolio week and i'm really happy with how they looked. I'll do a post when I get the retouched images through from the school. Monday was a last minute practice day, so i'll start at Tuesday...


I had a beautiful black model on Tuesday with amazing skin, so I had to do my beauty look on her, otherwise I knew i'd regret it! Usually you have to pack the make up on for a beauty look, but because her skin was so great I needed to do only half the work. She brought her own foundation with her (Georgio Armani Luminous Silk), which matched her skin perfectly. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of her so you'll have to wait and see how the shoot came out, like I am!


My model for Wednesday was called Claudia and she had gorgeous full lips, so I decided to do my fashion/creative look on her as the black and red lips would look amazing on someone with plump lips. This was my favourite look of the week and it came out just as I had hoped it would. Claudia was also a fabulous model who really helped make the photos look great. Her hair was all the way down her back so Jon piled it onto her head and it was HUGE.


My model Lia on Thursday also had fabulous plump lips so I went ahead and did my classic liner with bold pink lips on her. I used my Estee Lauder Fuschia Lipliner and Raspberry Lipstick. I love this combination and the liner works in perfect harmony with the lipstick.


The only look I had left to do come Friday was smokey eyes. My model Emily had amazing big eyes and looked beautiful with smokey eyes. Her hair was mega curly from a shoot she had in the morning so I decided to leave it as it was and Jon piled it on top of her head.

So there you have it! The end of make up. I hope you enjoyed reading my posts and i'll put up some more in the next couple of days about what we've learnt so far in the hair side of the it!

Kate x


  1. Im so gutted you've reached the end of the course! I've been loving reading the posts as its something I'm really interested in after doing my beauty qualifications:) Great blog and your work is so impressive! I love wednesday's look especially the eyes

  2. wow, you're so talented! Reading all your posts has made me want to do the same, it sounds so interesting and your blog is fabulous! I love Friday's and Wednesday's look and I can see myself trying to re-create the looks and failing, haha!